Dedication of test stand in Chemnitz / July 17, 2019

At Chemnitz University of Technology we officially opened our new test stand for fuel cell stacks. Further information:

LOPEC exhibition in Munich, Germany / March 19-21, 2019

Team of the department Printed Functionalities of Fraunhofer ENAS

World Smart Energy Week 2019 / FC Expo 2019 in Tokyo, Japan / February 27 – March 1, 2019

The most interesting take-home message from the World Smart Energy Week was the obvious maturity of the production lines for the manufacture of batteries, which could probably be transposed to the production of fuel cells. Both technologies consist of electrochemically active layers and the inclusion of techniques already maturing in the battery industry could help accelerate the ramping up of the fuel cell production volume.

Project HydroRACE4schools in Decin, Czech Republic / February 9, 2019

Raising awareness, sharing leaflets and displaying the poster at the first test race of the TU Chemnitz project HydroRACE4schools.