3rd General Assembly in Arnhem, Netherlands / July 3-4, 2019

The third General Assembly was held at the project partner Nedstack Fuel Cell Technology B.V. – one of the leading fuel cell manufacturers in the world.

INSPIRE workshop in Marseille, France / March 5-6, 2019

Together with the EU projects VOLUMETRIQ, CRESCENDO, GRASSHOPPER, GAIA, Fit-4-Amanda, HYDRAITE and ID-FAST the MAMA-MEA project was represented at the INSPIRE workshop on March 5-6, 2019, in Marseille, France, which focused on sharing technical information and networking. It is an event on PEMFC components and their integration into fuel cell stacks and it mainly focused on new component developments, successes and best practices.

2nd General Assembly in Modena, Italy / January 23-24, 2019

The second General Assembly has been held at the project partners Università degli studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia (UNIMORE) – a partner of Ferrari – and System Group (SG). The members of the consortium discussed deeply about printing, characterization and ink development.

PEMFC stack and MEA manufacturing workshop in Brussels, Belgium / October 11, 2018

Networking with other members of european H2020-projects and FCH JU.

1st General Assembly in Swindon, UK / June 26-27, 2018

First General Assembly has been hosted by JMFC in Swindon, UK.

Kick-Off Meeting in Chemnitz, Germany / February 7-8, 2018

We started our MAMA-MEA journey together at the Chemnitz University of Technology in February.